Tone Dietrichson (1957)

Tone Dietrichson was born in 1957 in Oslo, Norway. She lives and works in Baerum, Norway, close to Oslo. She was educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in Oslo (1982-1984 and 1986). Dietrichson’s first solo exhibition was in 1991 at the Albin Upp Gallery in Oslo – since then she has taken part in both solo and group exhibitions.



Gallery Peer GyntHellesylt - graphics 2013

Dobag Gallery, Kristiansund - graphics/paintings 2012

Straume Gallery, Vinje/Telemark 2011 - paintings/graphics

The Norwegian Forestry Museum, Elverum 2010 - paintings/graphics : Art project : "Mirror"

Nes Art Association, Romerike 2010 - graphics/ paintings

Sølvberget Gallery, Stavanger 2009 - paintings; Literature festival "Chapter 09"

Kjeldaas Gallery, Oslo 2009 - paintings/graphics; Art project: "Mirror of reflections"

Transit Gallery, Baerum 2008 & 2009 - graphics/paintings

Gallery Veritasparken, Oslo 2005 - graphics

Tone Dietrichson Curriculum vitae, cont.



The 10th International Ibsen Conference in New York, Long Island University 2004 - paintings; Art project: "A visual journey through inner landscape"- Henrik Ibsen:" The wild duck"

Den Norske Veritas, Oslo 2002 - graphics

Nystugulaaven Gallery, Nesbyen 2000 - Festival Exhibitor- graphics/paintings

Norske Shell, Oslo 1998 - graphics

Norsk Hydro, Oslo 1998 - graphics

 Old Rectory, Rogaland 1995 - graphics/paintings

Rica Hotel, Trondheim 1994 - graphics

Tonne Gallery, Oslo 1993 - sculpture/graphics

Rygge Art Association, Moss 1992, 2006, 2010 - sculpture/graphics/paintings

Albin Upp Gallery, Oslo 1991 - sculpture/graphics



Haugesund Art Gallery, Haugesund, graphics

Bi-Z Gallery, Kristiansand, graphics

Straume Gallery, Vinje/Telemark, graphics

Peer Gynt Gallery, Hellesylt, graphics

Ramfjord Gallery, Oslo, graphics

Trygve Lie Gallery, New York - graphics/paintings; Art Project: "A visual journey through inner landscape" - four Norwegian artists meet Henrik Ibsen

Sølvberget Gallery, Stavanger - paintings; Art Project: "A visual journey through inner landscape"- four Norwegian artists meet Henrik Ibsen: Håkon Bleken, Tone Dietrichson,Gro Jarto and Morten Krogvold.

Norwegian Pictures 99 - Brandstrup Gallery/ DagensNæringsliv. Oslo Town Hall - paintings

The Artists Ring (Kunstnerringen), Oslo - sculpture/graphics

Sandvika Town Hall, Baerum - sculpture/ graphics

Baerum Art Association, Baerum - graphics

Holmsbu Pictorial Gallery, Holmsbu - sculpture/graphics

Tone Dietrichson Curriculum vitae, cont.



JMS Stenersen Gallery, Oslo - sculpture

Brandstrup Gallery, Moss - graphics

Kampen Gallery, Oslo - sculpture



Troms Fylkeskommunes Art Collection: work for their permanent collection

Haa Rectory: work for their permanent collection

Others :

Glaxo Wellcome, The Regional Hospital in Trondheim,Tunsberg Hospital, The Norwegian Radium Hospital, UllevaalHospital, Louisenberg Hospital, several colleges / academies,Holmenkollen Ski Museum, The Norwegian Bank, Oslo Marathon, Amnesty International, High School in Vestfold, VOX, NRK/Oslo, The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Annual Research prize from 2008 to 2014.