Tone Dietrichson & Leonard Cohen

Saturday September 13th

Opening reception 
Tone Dietrichson & Leonard Cohen 

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the lights gets in"
-a tribute to Leonard Cohen on his 80' birthday 

Tone Dietrichson - painting and prints / maleri og grafikk 
Leonard Cohen - prints / grafikk

Tone Dietrichson is showing 7 large oilpaintings based upon the lyrics of "Anthem" along with 10 prints.

Leonard Cohen is showing 20 prints (signed and numbered by the artist) based on drawings made from 1960 until now. Some of them are new (2013) and not shown before. 

Doors open at 12:00pm

12:30 Introduction and short Speech by Elisabeth Ramfjord, owner of Galleri Ramfjord
12:35 Sylvie Simmons opens the exhibition 
Sylvie Simmons, the autor of "l am your man" (the life of Leonard Cohen) will read from her book and perform two Cohen songs acompanied by ukulele.
13:00 Norwegian singer Christel Alsos will perform Leonard Cohens "Suzanne", followed by two songs of her own.
13:15 Marianne Ihlen (So long, Marianne) will read unpublished material from her book. 

Doors closes at 15:00

Sunday September 14th

Booksigning with Sylvie Simmons in cooperation with Cappelen Damm