Roar Kjærnstad

Education: The royal Academy of fine art Antwerp Belgium

This is a combination of abstract expression and figurative forms. The
goal in is to make abstract and recognizable shapes coexist in a
self-contained universe. This universe can not be described as
surreal, but more like a fragmented and volatile reality. This is not
only evident of textures, but also in the general composition and the
dissolution of traditional perspectives.  Sort of reflection of the
contemporary society.
In general my pictures function as some kind of snapshots. My
intention is to make a concrete, narrative elements merge with
abstract shapes. I use other elements that necessarily don`t fit very
well into this context. In other words, I try to create a dissonance.

Portraits and commissions in Durham University, England

Painting course for Balestrand Kunstforening 2001, 2002
Painting course for Tysnes kommune 2003, 2004.

Teacher at Oslo Malerklubb 2010.
Teacher at Einar Granum Kunstfagskole 2009
Teacher at Ålesund Kunstfagskole 2010-2014

Article in the magazine “Kunst” no.2. 2010 by Cecilie Tyholt

Paragraph in the book ”Figurasjoner” Swedish Publication 2009.
Paragraph in a Recent book written by Gunnar Danbolt
2010 Article in the magazine “Oslo”, June 2010

Member of LMN. NBK Norway

Artist in residence Durham University 2013

Govermental purchase Norway, sweden and UK.