Roar Kjærnstad


Next exhibition February 29 - March 22.


This is a combination of abstract expression and figurative forms. The goal is to make abstract and recognizable shapes coexist in a self-contained universe. This universe can not be described as surreal, but more like a fragmented and volatile reality. This is not only evident of textures, but also in the general composition and the dissolution of traditional perspectives. Sort of a reflection of the contemporary society. In general Roars pictures function as snapshots. "My intention is to make a concrete, narrative elements merge with abstract shapes. I use other elements that necessarily don`t fit very well into this context. In other words, I try to create a dissonance".



2001 – 2004

Det Kongelige Akademi i Antwerpen

Fordypning i maleri


1996 – 1997 ​​​Nansenskolen Lillehammer

Kunstfaglinje. Grunnutdanning i maleri



2020 Galleri Ramfjord, solo, Oslo

2019 AAF Stockholm med Galleri Ramfjord

2018 Galleri Ramfjord, solo, Oslo

2018 AAF Stockholm med Galleri Ramfjord

2017 Galleri Ramfjord, solo, Oslo

2017 Museum Nord Espolin Johnson

2017SCOPE Basel, during Art Basel with Galleri Ramfjord

2016  Galleri Ramfjord, solo, Oslo

2016  Hovedutstiller Norsk Spanske dager Altea Spania

2016  Galleri Henrik Gerner

2016  Galleri Oxholm København i samarbeid med Galleri Ramfjord

2015  Kunstmusset Nordtrøndelag/Namsos Kunstforening, solo

2015  ​Aalesund Kunstforening, Aalesund, solo

2015  ​Nordic portrait award, København Gruppe

2015 ​Galleri Oxholm, København Gruppe

2014 ​Bodø Kunstforening, Bodø Solo

2014 ​Sutton Gallery, solo, Skotland

2014 ​Art Copenhagen, gruppe, København

2014 ​Galleri Athene, solo, Drammen

2014 ​Galleri Svae, gruppe, Gjøvik

2014 ​Galleri Arktandria, solo, Oslo

2013 ​Galleri Hamar sagbladfabrikken, solo, Hamar

2013 ​Durham Artist in residence, solo, Storbritannia

2012 ​Galleri A, solo, Oslo

2012 ​Galleri Elisabeth G., gruppe, Os

2012 ​Galleri AG, solo, Stange

2012 ​Larvik Kunstforening, solo, Larvik

2011 ​Kings Place Gallery, gruppe, London

2011 ​Galleri Tjømes Kunstsalong, solo, Oslo

2011 ​Brygger Jacobsens Portræt pris, gruppe, København

2011 ​Hamar kunstforening, solo, Hamar

2010 ​Ålesund Kunstforening gruppe, Ålesund

2010 ​Galleri Tonne, solo, Oslo

2010 ​Telemarks galleriet, gruppe, Telemark

2009 ​Eidsvik Konsthall, gruppe, Stockholm

2009-2010​ Galleri Hervold group, Hamar

2009 ​Brygger Jacobsens portretkonkurranse, gruppe,København

2008 ​Larvik Kunstforening, solo, Larvik

2008 ​Nordeabank, solo, Oslo

2007 ​Galleri AG, solo, Stange

2006 ​Art Event, solo, Antwerpen

2006 ​Private View, solo, Alicante

2006 ​Fort II Wommelgem, solo, Antwerpen

2006 ​Galley 47, solo, London

2005 ​Grey College, solo, Durham

2005 ​Galleri AG, solo, Stange,

2004 ​Galleri Erry Marie Kulø, solo, Oslo

2004 ​Frie Kunster, solo, Oslo

2002 ​Galleri Rönnqvist & Rönnqvist, gruppe, Malmö

2002 ​Galleri Graff, solo, Askim

2001 ​Galleri Gamle Ski, solo, Ski

2000 ​Balestrand Kunstlag, solo, Balestrand

2000 ​Galleri Steen, gruppe, Oslo

1999 ​Galleri Semmingsen, gruppe, Oslo

1999 ​Tomarps Kongsgård, gruppe, Skåne

1999 ​Stockholm Artfair, gruppe, Stockholm


Article in the magazine “Kunst” no.2. 2010 by Cecilie Tyholt


Paragraph in the book ”Figurasjoner” Swedish Publication 2009.

Paragraph in a Recent book written by Gunnar Danbolt

2010 Article in the magazine “Oslo”, June 2010

Member of LMN. NBK Norway


Artist in residence Durham University 2013

Govermental purchase Norway, sweden and UK.

Ny utstilling på Galleri Ramfjord 4-26 november

"Undiscovered Paths" - maleri