Trudy Wiegand

Trudy Wiegand has worked as an artist since 2005.

Her intrest lies with large, engaging paintings that are bold, experimental and full of energy. The working methods she employ varies through the process. Gestural , expressive work processes where large physical movements and flowing paint is combined with a focus on the smallest details using the finest brushes. The intersection between conscious and random strokes, where a distinctive dynamic is created, is where color matching is critical. She likes to choose her color palette before she starts to paint and then work with time consuming color mixing creating different hues , shades and saturation.

"It´s important for me to create a powerful and tangible palette, even with the lightest pastel shades . The contrast between light and dark , between the hard and soft creates a special atmosphere in my art . My paintings refelct in various ways my personal associations and private experiences . I often find inspiration in words, and the titles of my works are generally in place before the first stroke of paint is applied".