Av totalt 900 bidrag til stipendutstillingen 2015 er nå 20 arbeider av totalt 20 kunstnere med på STIPENDUTSTILLINGEN 27.JUNI - 26.JULI 2015

The jury’s statement

The jury has consisted of Sverre Bjertnæs, artist,Marianne Broch, sculptor and prizewinner in last year’s competition,Lars Elton, art critic in Dagsavisen and VG, freelance journalist and editor, and Helene Gulaker Hansen, photographer, curator and owner at Shoot Gallery.


  1. prize – NOK 15.000

The power of a good drawing should never be underestimated. The winner of the first prize is a very skilled artist. The technique of the realistic drawing is exceptional, and it places the artist into a tradition of artists like Lucian Freud and William Kentridge. This artwork depicts a complex world where the realism of the female figure and the emptiness of her gaze are contrasted by a simple composition of figures that is floating in space. This combination creates a visual and formal tension that holds our fascination for a long time.

The first prize goes to: Moira Franco

Drawing, pen and acrylic on paper, 57x35 cm


  1. prize – NOK 10.000

The second prize goes to a work of art that evokes expectations and memories of lazy summer days. But this photograph gives us more than just a feeling of dreams and nostalgia. It conveys all the qualities of the analogue technique where an element of chance is evident. At the same time the picture is consciously composed, and the combination of random technique and balanced use of colour creates an open story in space and time.

The second prize goes to: Maria Prestmo

Photography, 84x119 cm


  1. prize – NOK 5.000

The graphic arts are – unfortunately – in decline. Therefore it is especially nice to honour an artist who uses a very demanding technique and who manages to apply it in such a personal way. This etching uses the possibilities of the medium to its full extent, at the same time as it has the qualities of a charcoal drawing in its dark lustre. The motif is charged with mystery and expectations.

The third prize goes to: Torgrim Sund

Etching, 80x60 cm


Honourable mention

The idea of soft pornography permeates modern day society. The idea to cover the naked,   female magazine-models with embroidered pieces of decorative patterns is not only original, but also political and innovative. This project gets an added value as it is done by a man in a technique that is traditionally considered to be a female pastime.

Honourable mention goes to: Erlend Helling Larsen

Embroidery on magazine photo, 19x28 cm

Honourable mention

The first honourable mention goes to a painting that is very direct in its frontal composition. The artist adds an unusual twist to an ordinary motif, and the confrontational gaze of the two models give an opening for the public to enter the pictured realm. The use of different technical solutions and the restrained use of colour add considerable qualities to the painting

Honourable mention goes to: Monica Subidé

Painting, 61x46 cm