Mikael Takacs

Mikael Takacs (1988) is a marbler born, raised and still based in Enköping, Sweden.

He uses pipettes to distribute acrylic paint across the canvas to create his subjects, which he then distorts by dragging the paint around using various tools, like sticks and combs. He combines the classic abstract expression of marbling with concrete figures. This results in intricate patterns that forms his subjects. This technique has been around for hundreds of years, but in spite of that, his pieces are often mistaken for digital art. The half abstract nature of his portraits can make it both easier and harder to connect with them. It's harder in the sense that you can't really see who it is, or maybe even what it is. It may be easier to connect with them for basically the same reason, as you can project so much of your own thoughts onto someone you can just barely see.
Mikael Has exhibited his paintings in the United States, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, and had his first solo exhibition in Norway with Galleri Ramfjord in March 2016.