Pere Galera

PERE GALERA (1963, Barcelona

Lives and works in Nesodden, Norway.

Pere Galera is a Spanish artist born in Barcelona. His studies include a Master of Fine Arts, specializing in painting from the University of Barcelona (1998). In his formative years he worked several years as assistant for the sculptor Ramon Aumedes in Barcelona. He also worked on special effects for science fiction films and advertising.

Galera has developed his career in Barcelona, India, Oslo, Roma and Nesodden where he works and currently resides. His work has been shown in Norway as well as in different European countries. His works usually have a playful and ironic character. The visual language used includes painting, drawing, photography, installations and objects.


«When you become familiar with the painting of Pere Galera, when you think to assume his intention, it is possible that it is too late, because he has already taken another way. Galera paints without concessions, adopting new languages based on the new ways that he takes while making this exploration the reason for his work. His painting is the reflection of his emotion and thought, combining the meticulousness and the reflection with the intuition and the spontaneity.

The illusion of the space is like a game of mirrors where the important thing is not what we see, but what it is insinuated. And what is insinuated shares the duality that is the substance of the painting of Pere Galera; the spiritual and the worldly». Samuel Salcedo, 2011

Pere Galera had his first solo exhibition at Galleri Ramfjord September 3-25 2016