Xevi Solà (1969)

Xevi Solà lives and works in Girona (Spain). He studied Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona. He worked in a psychiatric hospital for years, experience that he considers it important to understand his own work.

His work has been exhibited in galleries and Art fairs in Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Brasil or Taiwan. In 2014 he won the Young Art Award in the Taipei Contemporary Art Fair. 

“My scenes almost always occur in front of a house, a house with large windows, where someone might be watching, without anyone seeing him. This house on the hill becomes a character itself, a silent witness of the scene. 

I search not only the contrast between appearance and intentions of the characters, but I also try to communicate the visual strength, in formal terms, for example with the use of complementary colors or with the use of the contrast between vertical and horizontal lines, or placing the characters standing on a flat landscape to transmit emotional intensity and even some sadness. 

In short, I think the energy that emerges from the vision of any image is closely linked to the use of opposites. The stronger the contrast, the stronger the energy. The use of opposites provides greater visual impact, and makes easier the final reading of the work.”

Xevi Solà was exhibiting in Oslo, Norway for the first time at the annual ChristmAS show at Galleri Ramfjord late November 2016. Then a 3man show (with Olav Mathisen and Johan Melander October 7-29, 2017.