Dag Knudsen


Dag Knudsen became a professional photographer after assisting the late Alberto Serejo at the turn of the century. Specializing in people and working on medium format, shooting commercials, fashion and portraits, Knudsen has worked with a variety of clients and projects across the globe. His career has featured advertising campaigns, fashion editorials, portraiture and exhibitions in several countries.

Dag Knudsen has since 2010 been published in Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Seul, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, San Fransisco and New York.

Dag Knudsen started exploring symmetry as an effect in his photographic works a decade ago. The first "symmetricat" was photographed five years on in 2012. It was most recently in 2016, that Knudsen shot a editorial for a magazine based in New York city where he used a Sphynx cat as a collaborative model. In the wake of this series, he went on to shoot various different takes with other hairless felines on colorful backdrops. Adding a different perspective, albeit by obscuring, Knudsen seeks to reveal a subjective experience of the divine heralding to the ancients who also worshiped feline animal as a divine being.