Ole Aakjær

OLE AAKJÆR (born 1962) has been drawing and painting since he was able to hold a pencil.
Originally, Aakjær’s dream was to work with the cartoon medium. He was especially fascinated by the experimental part of the cartoon scene that unfolded in the 1980s. His greatest role models were Jean Giraud (Moebius), Milo Manara, Enki Bilal, etc.

In the mid-1980s, one of Aakjær’s albums was accepted by the publishing company Carlsen who at that time was the leading cartoon publishing company in Denmark.
Ole Aakjær was later on trained as an illustrator and has run his own design office since 1992 and until recently.

Art has always been his inspiration; his way of inhaling life and understanding himself.
He does his paintings in a modern atelier with room for the large formats, lots of light and a view of the beautiful Vejle Inlet.

He has won a wide range of competitions and distinctions and gained recognition as an innovator, designer and especially as an artist, and he can look back at a number (actually it is 30 in a row) of sold out exhibitions at some of the leading art galleries in Denmark and abroad.
His works are always performed in watercolor and ink on paper – often in very large formats - women painted with great psychological empathy, unique colors and highly storytelling tattoos.
Previously, he has experimented with acrylic and oil but it is on the turbulent ocean of the watercolor that he really excels.

Exhibition Galleri Ramfjord November 4-26, 2017