AnnaMaria Rogberg Lindholm (1972)

AnnaMaria Rogberg Lindholm er født i 1972 og er bosatt i Huddinge.

"Som motiv väljer jag gärna situationer i vardagen
och tycker om att uppmärksamma det vackra i det enkla"


AnnaMaria Rogberg Lindholm is a swedish artist born in 1972. 

Painting has always played an important role in Anna Maria’s life and she held her first exhibition when she was only a teenager. 
In 1995 she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in social work from Stockholm University.
Still her passion for art and painting made her destined to follow a different path. After several years of studying fine art she has been painting fulltime since 2008.
Anna Maria seeks inspiration in everyday life and her three daughters. Warmth, joy and love are running themes in all her paintings which seek to evoke feelings and memories in the viewer. ”