Mona Moe Machava (1978) / Dagdrømmerne

Mona Moe Machava / DagDrømmerne
The creative collaboration "DagDrømmerne" consists of photographer Mona Moe Machava, stylist Barbro Titlestad and Karoline Løvall.  It is a free spirited, playful photographic journey through a Norwegian landscape that balances on a fine edge between fine art and fashion. 
"We find so much strange beauty on this planet and had a strong urge to pass on our experience of life on planet earth."
Northern Daydreams.
Is there such a thing as photographic poetry?
What happens when you use the language of fashion photography to tell a tale from the heart? The Norwegian creative team DagDrømmerne invites you into a dream world of flowers, people, nature and words.