Kesja Tabaczuk


Kesja was born in Opole, Poland and currently residing in Oslo, Norway.
She always loved to draw and paint. Since She was a little girl She was involved in activities that had to do with Art. Subsequently, she started studying art as soon as she could. At the age of 12, Kesja applied to a school of Art in her home city of Opole. She  passed the test of drawing and painting with full score at the first time. It seemed to come naturally to her. After 3 successful years She decided to continue studying art in “OSSP” high school in Opole. During these 6 years she studied drawing, painting, design, sculptures and art history. She learned many different painting techniques and studied work of masters of the past. All that She learned during these years had great influence on her later works.
She graduated high school winning the first prize for the painting of the year. At age 18, she successfully applied to the University of Art in Poland. Although she was accepted, she didnt want to follow the footsteps of being a contemporary artist. She understood that what she was being taught to do, is not what she wanted to do. Kesja really wanted to paint what inspires her and what she was passionate about, so she continued self education developing her skills and painting.
In her art work She uses many diferent techniques, understanding that each painting asks for its own approach and treatment depending on what message she wants to express to the viewer. Through her art, She wants to show the beauty of people and of the world and send a positive message. She understands that there is a lot of beauty in the world, and she works hard to express that through paintings. She’s always trying to represent nature’s visiual effects relaying on the progression of knowledge shared and learned from the previous great artist of the past. Her biggest inspiration are people. Therefore, her work is often a portraiture and figurative painting. She’s been working with oil paints for many years which became her favorite medium. Her love to realism is widely seen in her paintings through the composisions of lines, shapes, values, textures and colors.